Where we are

Opus 12 is a hard science company in the heart of Silicon Valley

We champion the same culture of rapid iteration, disruptive innovation, and bold vision that has made this region a hub for technical innovation in the world. Opus 12 was one of six clean energy startups selected from around the country to be incubated in the first cohort of the prestigious Cyclotron Road program at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
Today, our headquarters is located in Berkeley, CA.


Founding team

Out of the lab and into industry

The Jaramillo Group at Stanford University is recognized as a world leader in CO₂ electrocatalysis, and Opus 12’s technical co-founders were part of the initial foundation of the CO₂ lab during their graduate studies. There, they developed key methods for studying CO₂-reducing catalysts and reactions, and published seminal discoveries on the breadth of products that is possible to reduce from CO₂.

In 2015, Dr. Kendra Kuhl and Dr. Etosha Cave were ready to translate their fundamental discoveries out of the lab and into industry, and they co-founded Opus 12 with Nicholas Flanders, a fellow Stanford graduate student and experienced entrepreneur with a foundational career in cleantech.


“We integrate across multiple disciplines on a daily basis – it’s true invention”

– Etosha Cave, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer


Our team and partners

Uniquely positioned to bring this solution to market

We are electrochemists, material scientists, and engineers with cutting-edge expertise in the field of CO₂ electrocatalysis and electrochemical reactor design, scouted from the best programs in the world. Our team has partnered with industry leaders in electrolysis and plant design to implement our technology at scale. With access to world-class research facilities at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the backing of top-tier funders, we have the partnerships in place to commercialize our solution.